Hey I'm a new blog and it would really help if you helped out thank you:)


i need help. i'm a new mahomie and you seem dedicated to austin a lot so can you help by telling me about him, his friends and fam + experiences? thanks love -heather.

Basically he has three best friends- Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, and Zach Dorsey and they call themselves Foolish Four or as the mahomies say, f4. And an old childhood friend names Cameron Ball, (@littlecball).and there was also Frankie Roth and Tyler Stanush but there was a fall out with Tyler.

As for family, Austin has a mom and her name is Michele (@MicheleMahone). His dad died when he was about two or so. He has a grandad, and that’s what we call him (@1proudgrandad). He is very close to him and this person we call Mema. Mema was in grandma, but she past away in 2012. Austin has an aunt named Lisa, we call her aunt Lisa (@1proudauntlisa). He has two cats named romo and Anthony and a dog named angel who unfortunately passed away as well. He has a cousin named Logan that he is very close to and you will probably see pictures of them together, you can look at pictures at @moranrocks, that’s his aunt.

Experiences (only gonna do a few major ones)- Signing with republic records in august of 2012, hitting 1 million on twitter in august 2012, winning a vma for artist to watch in 2013, touring with Taylor Swift in the summer of 2013, working/collabing with many artist including flo rida, Pitbull, and justin bieber, headlining his first major tour feat. W3 the future, Becky g, and Midnight red in early 2014, and now doing another headlining tour feat. Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, and the Vamps.